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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

I have had a focus on doubleweaving this year. When I started to weave I wanted to weave the window pane design. My first attempt was disastrous and although the final table runner was OK I wasn’t keen to have another go any time soon. Purchasing Jennifer Moores ’Doubleweave’ book supported my next go. Whilst I now understand how it works I do still find I need to concentrate!

This week I set up the loom using 4 ply superwash merino. 312 ends with the aim of having 9 panes across the weave woven at 7.5epi in each layer (15epi doubled). The first 45cm was removed and washed. Whilst the sample fabric was good the fact it was superwash meant that there was little shrinkage. I decided to rethread the reed to increase the sett slightly to 8.7epi which I was happy with. The sample was made into a cushion and the first 2m of the higher sett woven into a shawl.

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