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Shop for a handwoven scarf, shawl or snood by colour

When choosing a luxury handwoven scarf or cowl there are a number of features which seem to impact the decision with colour being a key feature. Some people like a handwoven accessory because it tends to have a striking unique design which is not replicated by something that could be purchased on the high street. The weight and drape of an accessory is also considered along with its warmth, which of course depends on the season that it will be worn. In my experience by far the most important feature is the colour. Personal style and individual preferences play a pivotal role. People seem to focus in on a favourite colour often looking to coordinate a new luxury accessory with an existing or new piece of clothing in their wardrobe. The season also has some role to play with people seeming to wear richer deeper colours in the winter months with lighter more pastel shades in the summer. As a weaver I enjoy playing with colours in unique ways handcrafting fabric which often has a subtle or not so subtle pop of colour with the aim being that the fabric will look good with a range of wardrobe colours.

 I have written more about the weaving of colours in a blog article which can be read by clicking here.

handwoven navy and blue zig zag merino scarf - emma baker handwoven textiles
Handwoven merino forest green and navy scarf with a mosaic pattern
Handwoven deflected doubleweave orange and blue scarf with a mosaic pattern
handwoven purple and teal merino lambswool shawl draped over and around a model
Handwoven red and navy deflected doubleweave scarf with a mosaic pattern
blue and grey zig zag handwoven scarf in different shades of grey, blue and navy
dark blue navy and pink zig zag handwoven scarf - emma baker handwoven textiles laying on a flat surface
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