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  • Emma Baker

Weaving Handwoven scarves using Deflected Doubleweave - Doubleweaving with a twist

Updated: Jun 24

Introduction to weaving a deflected doubleweave design creating a collection of handwoven scarves

As handweaver weaving mainly handwoven scarves, snoods and shawls I was delighted to be given the book 'Double with a Twist by Marian Stubenitsky' for my birthday last year. It is a beautiful book but many of the designs are worked on a loom with more than 8 shafts. I have an 8 shaft floor loom so this means that many of the patterns are inaccessible to me. The book does however have some 6 shaft patterns which together I have used across 8 shafts to create some new scarves and cowls.

Deflected Doubleweave

Deflected doubleweave is a weaving structure that I have spent much of the last year weaving. The fabric has areas of colour blocking and the weaving structure looks quite geometrical on the loom with long warp and weft floats. However when the fabric is removed from the loom and washed the pattern softens to create some beautiful patterns and a light and airy fabric.

My latest weaves have used 4 different designs with the first design repeated at either edge to create a little symmetry. I have now woven this design in three colourways using 2/17nm merino lambswool at a sett of 15epi and some scarves and cowls are now available in my website shop. Each item is a unique handcrafted cozy and soft accessory and is sure to add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe.

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