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  • Emma Baker

How many different ways are there to wear a handwoven scarf?

Updated: Apr 2

young lady wearing a black outfit and a pink, burgundy, beige and brown geometric scarf

The answer of course is 'lots of ways'! A handwoven scarf is not merely an accessory but a luxurious piece of traditional craftsmanship which elevates your style whilst keeping you snug and cozy. There are countless ways to wear a handwoven scarf and this blog explores a number of different ways of making a stylish statement with your scarf.

These images are of a merino lambswool deflected doubleweave scarf but the styles can be worn with many other scarves.

The classic drape:
pink, burgundy and beige scarf wrapped around models shoulders

Wrap yourself effortlessly by simply draping the scarf around your neck. Fold the edge of the scarf over to give a double edge at the front allowing the scarf to sit comfortably either on top of a jumper or under a coat whilst keeping your neck warm.

The tie:
handwoven burgundy, pink and beige scarf tied like a mans scarf around models shoulder

Knot the scarf like a tie. Fold the tie in half, wrap one end around the other end coming up behind the neck loop and down through the loop.

The shoulder drape:
pink, burgundy, brown and beige scarf draped over models chest and shoulders

Drape the scarf over your shoulders like a shawl. This style looks sophisticated and allows the full width of the weave to be shown whilst keeping your shoulders and upper body warm.

The classic round the neck and over the shoulder:
pink, burgundy, beige and brown handwoven scarf draped around models neck

The perfect quick wear to keep your neck warm. Bring the scarf down your front and drape the other half around your neck and over the shoulder.

The Loop Through:

pink, brown, beige and maroon handwoven scarf around models neck

Create a cozy and snug look by folding the scarf in half, draping it around your neck and pulling the loose ends through the loop created by the fold. This is a great style to allow the fringes or bottom of the scarf to be shown.

A variation of the Loop through above:

handwoven pink, burgundy, brown and beige scarf wrapped around models neck

A variation of the above. Again, fold the scarf in half, draping it around the neck. Pull one end through the loop and the other end goes over and under the second loop. This is a perfect style for bringing the bulk of the scarf to the front which is especially stylish if you have a jacket and you require that extra warmth around your neck and chest.

The neck loop:

handwoven merino burgundy and pink scarf wrapped around models neck.

An easy style to wear, simply wrap the scarf around your neck and bring both ends forward for a really big warm hug around the neck.

Of course there are many other ways that you can wear your scarf. However, it is my opinion that if you have a handwoven scarf it is worth spending some time experimenting. Ultimately you want to wear your scarf with confidence knowing that you will look stylish whilst still allowing the craftsmanship of your accessory to be shown at its best.

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