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Contemporary and modern accessories handwoven on a traditional floor weaving loom creating beautiful luxury handcrafted gifts and accessories.  Whether it be a shawl, scarf or snood you can be assured that it has been woven with the most beautiful of yarns, with thought, care and an investment of time in its design and creation.

Emma-Baker-handwoven-textiles-scarves- shawls-snoods

As a weaver and textile designer I weave small collections of luxury accessories including handwoven scarves, cowls and shawls.  Production is slow and small scale with most pieces being totally unique making perfect luxury gifts.   The hand woven accessories are perfect for the person who appreciates the handcrafted processes involved in its creation from the design, weaving and then finishing.


Whether it be a snuggly scarf, a cosy cowl, a sumptuous shawl these pieces all provide a special style not found on the high street.  My aim is simply to produce a stunning statement piece of wearable art which will become a treasured and well-worn accessory.

I weave predominantly with natural fibres, usually fine merino lambswool or cotton weaving on a large floor loom and smaller rigid heddle weaving looms and will sometimes make accessories using my own hand spun yarn.  

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