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Strikingly beautiful handwoven merino infinity cowl in popular blue, naby and white shades.  A warm luxury scarf which adds a stylish warmth to any outfit and can be worn both inside and out.  Small enough to fit into a bag for additional warmth when the chill sets in.


Creation:  The fabric for this cowl was woven on a floor loom using an 8 shaft deflected doubleweave design using fine 2/17nm merino lambswools.  The fabric has a double reversible structure and the longer warp and weft floats causes the pattern to deflect upon washing.


Dimensions: 30cm x 76cm


Care:  Handwash gently in warm water with minimal agitation.  Dry naturally and press.  Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Handwoven luxury blue and white merino cowl scarf

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