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Luxury merino wool handwoven bow tie - each tie boasts it own distinct bright pattern creating a unique individual accessory which will certainly stand out from the crowd.  Given as a gift one of these bow ties which would be perfect for the special dinner, prom, wedding or celebration  whilst celebrating traditional handweaving skills.  Each tie has been handsewn with handwoven merino lambwool twill design fabric.  



The fabric for these ties was woven on a Louet floor loom using fine merino lambswool in a wide range of colours using a twill design.  After weaving, the fabric was washed to full and finish and then hand sewn.    Fitted with length adjusters this bow tie can be altered to fit different next sizes. There are two variations of these ties which vary with respect to the weft colours, one is brigher blue whilst the other has more grey yarn in it.



Tie is 13cm at its widest and 8cm at its highest.  The adjustments allow it to fit a length of 48cm under and round the collar.



Sponge wash - do not machine wash.

Handwoven fine merino wool bow tie

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