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Handcrafted with care this scarf is a luxurious blend of comfort and elegance whilst celebrating the handspinning and handweaving skills of the maker.  Woven with beautiful blue merino firbres with a little silk to create a soft scarf which is both warm and a stylish addition to any wardrobe ensuring coziness during the colder months.  These scarves make superb unique luxury Christmas and birthday gifts for someone who would appreciate the traditional skills used in creating this accessory.



The merino and silk fibres in blue with a  hint of teal and sea green were first handspun on an Ashford spinning wheel before being handwoven on a rigid heddle loom using a tabby weave.  After weaving the scarf has been washed to full and soften with the fringes knotted at each end.



164cm long by 24cm wide with a 15cm fringe at each end.



Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Handspun handwoven merino and silk scarf

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