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Effortless to wear this cowl scarf fits snuggly round the neck providing warmth with style and sophistication.  As a one of a kind cowl scarf made using traditional weaving skills this accessory would make a perfect luxury gift for someone who would appreciate this handcrafted wearable piece of art.



Woven on a floor loom using 8 shafts and a straight 8 chevron design using a merino, nylon variegated sock yarn in blue, purple and green shades for the warp with a weft of green, purple and navy blended yarn of merino, blue faced leicester, nylon and angora.  After weaving the fabric has been removed from the loom, washed to full and soften before being sewn into a circle with a neat oversewn edge.



38cm x 75cm



Handwash very gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.  Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Warm and cosy blue, green and purple cowl scarf

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