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Embrace the inherent beauty and character that comes from this handwoven statement piece which has been woven using the traditional skills of the handweaver to create this luxury unique merino shawl.   Crafted with precision using the finest merino lambswool yarn this shawl offers softness against your skin whilst keeping you cozy and warm. This one off luxurious accessory would make a perfect extra special gift recognising the handcrafted traditional skills required to create this treasured individual item.



I have handwoven this shawl on a Louet floor loom using a deflected doubleweave design with various purple, pink, lilac and blue shades of yarn.  This design uses 8 shafts with areas of longer warp and weft floats.  The yarn is supplied in spinning oils to give additional strength to the fine fragile yarn and during washing these oils are removed  with some differential shrinkage depending on the length of the floats which causes the fabric to full and deflect serving to soften the edges of the design.


Dimensions:  72cm wide and 152cm long with a 1cm frayed fringe at each end.


Care:  Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Statement handwoven merino shawl

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