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These cowl scarves are the perfect accessory to effortlessly compliment any outfit.  Whether you are looking to dress up for a formal event or simply wish to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday attire this cowl will be a go to accessory of choice.  Made with fine merino lambswool each cowl has been skillfully handwoven using a twill design.  A perfect luxury gift as each cowl scarf is totally unique.



The fabric for these cowls was woven on a floor loom using different brighly coloured merino yarns and a twill design.  The cowls have each been sewn with an infintiy twist.  There are three variations of this cowl,  as detailed below:

  • Fusion cowl - a fusion of the handwoven twill fabric and some vibrant blue knitted fabric both made using the same fine merino lambswool. Dimensions are 17cm x 76cm
  • All Twill fabric - made soley from the brightly woven twill design fabric.  Dimensions 19cm x 78cm


Care:  Handwash only, gently in warm water with minimal agitation.  Dry naturally and press.

Luxiourious merino lambswool handwoven infinity cowl scarf

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