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A unique luxury handcrafted scarf which would make a perfect special gift.  A jewel red and rainbow coloured bright scarf which has been handwoven using handspun merino and bamboo  and some wool angora navy yarns.   This scarf is beautifully soft and which is woven with mainly navy and red yarn with flecks of pink, green. orange and blue.  The scarf is not a consistent colour along its length adding to the one of a kind quality. This scarf would be a perfect gift and would add an exciting pop of colour whilst providing a lovely warmth to a winter outfit. 



The bamboo and merino yarn was first handspun using a traditional spinning wheel.  This yarn and a navy blue wool/angora mix was then handwoven on a rigid heddle loom to create the one of a kind bright scarf.


Dimensions:  20cm wide by 150cm long with a 16cm fringe at each end.



Handwash gently in warm water with minimal agitation.  Dry naturally and press.

Handwoven red scarf woven with handspun yarn

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