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This statement scarf has been handcrafted by weaver Emma Baker and is a perfect meaningful gift. Warm, stylish and distinctive this stunning luxury deflected doubleweave handwoven scarf is soft, comfortable and stylish. Woven with a combination of navy, burgundy, brown and pink shades of fine merino with a striking mosaic style pattern this scarf adds something quite special to any outfit.



The fabric was woven on a Louet floor loom using the complex 8 shaft pattern using fine merino lambswool and a deflected doubleweave design.  After weaving the fabric has been removed from the loom and washed to remove the spinning oils which results in the fabric fulling and softening.  There is a 1cm fray at each end of the scarf.

29cm wide and 183cm long with a 1cm fray at each end.


This item can be hand washed gently in cool water with minimal agitation.

Handwoven pink, burgundy and navy merino scarf

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