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Add a touch of handcrafted rustic elegance to your home with a pair of  handwoven wool coasters.  Crafted with care and attention to detail using some reclaimed woollen yarn with some having some hand spun alpaca, zwartle and jacob fleece fibres.



Each coaster has been woven on a floor loom using blue, brown, green and burgundy woollen yarns.  Twill designs have been used.  After weaving the fabric has been washed in a hot wash to create a degree of felting with the edges then cut neatly to create a lovely frayed edge on each side.   Each coaster is unique and woven with different colours.  Coaster pairs D and E are woven with reclaimed mill woollen yarn  A and B pairs have the addition of some handspun local alpaca and sheep yarn from Zwartle and Jacob fleece varieties.  Each variation is described according to its predominant colours.



Approximately 13cm square



Sponge wash

Handwoven pair of unique wool coasters

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