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Looking to add a snuggly pop of colour to your wardrobe?  If so then this snood might be just what you are looking for.  Perfect to compliment a range of outfits adding unique style, comfort and warmth to a wardrobe.   Made from handwoven fabric which was woven using fine merino yarn and a twill design in navy, blue and yellow tones .  This snood would be a perfect addition to a wardrobe and would make a perfect luxury gift for someone who would appreciate the handcrafted unique characteristics of this stunning accessory. 


There are three variations of this snood:

IFS533- Dimensions: 41cm x 72cm - sewn in a circle with a concealed seam

IFS538 - Dimensions: 41cm x 72cm - sewn in a cirlce with a concealed seam

IFS537 _ Dimensions: 19cm x 73cm - sewn as a twisted infinity tube with some repurposed blue knitted merino lambswool fabric




This fabric for this cowl was woven on a Louet floor loom using fine merino lambswool.  The design is a twill giving diagonal lines within each colour block of the weave.  Once woven the fabric was removed from the loom, washed to full and sewn with a concealed seam.



Handwoven navy and yellow merino lambswool snood

  • Sponge wash any small stains.  Handwash very gently in warm water with minimal agitation, rinse once, dry naturally and press.  Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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