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Woven using a deflected doubleweave design this cowl has a mosaic type pattern woven with navy, dark green, blue and purple merino yarn.  This circular cowl scarf folds flat and can be popped into a bag being brought out for when the chill sets in.  A stylish addition to a wardrobe for winter days or cooler Autumnal days this cowl would be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for that special person who would appreciate a handcrafted artisan made gift.



Handwoven on a Louet floor loom using an 8 shaft deflected doubleweave design.  The yarn used was fine merino lambswool and upon washing the spinning oils which support the fragile yarn are removed resulting in the fabric fulling to form a beautifully soft and bouncy fabric.  The cowl has been sewn in a circle with the seam oversewn neatly.



28cm x 72cm



Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and then press.


Handwoven mosaic patterned merino cowl scarf

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