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A vibrant, contemporary and modern handwoven cushion which is sure to inject energy and a pop of colour into any room. Woven with fine merino lambswool these cushions are soft and luxurious each being uniquely handcrafted. These cushions would make an exceptional gift for that person who would appreciate a unique, one of a kind item.


The fabric was woven on a Louet floor loom using an 8 shaft doubleweave square geometric pattern in beautifully soft fine merino lambswool in shades of green, grey, yellow and turquoise. The back of the cusion has a plain cotton polyester beige fabric with a green button.

Original listing is for 2 cushions, each unique with respect to pattern placement.



40cm x 40cm


The cushion covers should ideally just be sponge washed but if necessary it could be washed very gently by hand in cool water followed by air drying.

Handwoven geometric green and turquoise cushion

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