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Handwoven unique zig zag design snood scarf.  Woven with fine merino lambswool  in pink and bugundy shades on a floor loom using a deflected doubleweave design.  These snoods are a best selling gift item bringing both style and warmth to a wardrobe.



The floor loom was warped with a fine merino lambswool yarn and the weft used was a dark pink, burgundy merino lambswool yarn.  Woven using an 8 shaft deflected doubleweave design which results in the pattern softening at the edges when the spinning oils are removed from the fabric after washing.  The fabric has has been sewn into circle with a french seam which means it can be folded flat and popped into a bag for when the chill sets in.  This snood is 30cm wide with a circular length of 74cm.


This snood was created from a length of fabric which was also used for a scarf so if you would prefer a scarf in this design it can be found here:


To care for your handweave handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Handmade burgundy pink snood scarf

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