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Enjoy the experience of owning a truly remarkable handwoven shawl that will be treasured for years to come.  Handwoven with care and skill this scarf carries the essence of tradition and craftsmanship used to create this luxury one of a kind shawl.  Woven with beige, pink and burgundy merino lambswool it offers beautiful softness keeping you cozy and comfortable in all seasons.    A wearable piece of art, this shawl is a unique item, making it the perfect unique gift.



The fabric for this shawl was woven on a Louet floor loom using an 8 shaft deflected doubleweave design creating a reversible pattern with each side of the shawl looking distinctively different. The yarn used was merino lambswool in beige, white, pink and brown which is woven in the spinning oils. Once woven the fabric is washed to remove the spinning oils causing the fabric to full and soften. Depending on whether the area of fabric has a tabby design or has longer warp or weft floats differential shrinkage occurs leading to the softening of the edges of the pattern.



30cm wide by 190cm long with a 1cm frayed detail at each end.



Handwash gently in warm water with minimal agitation, dry naturally and press.



Beige and pink handwoven merino shawl

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