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Elevate your style and embrace the cozy elegance of this instant pop of colour handwoven cowl scarf.  Woven with bright orange and blue colours using fine merino lambswool to ensure a luxuriously comfortable and warm cowl.  These cowls are particular popular during the Autumn season and often purchased as unique handcrafted gifts.



The fabric for this cowl was woven on a large Louet floor loom using fine 2/17nm merino lambswool which is UK spun.  Various shades in oranges and blues have been used with 4 different deflected doubleweave designs across the width of the fabric.  Deflected doubleweave is a weaving design which uses areas of longer warp or weft floats which differentially shrink upon washing to create a reversible fabric with blocks of colour in softened shapes.  There are two variations of this cowl, one has a been woven with areas of a paler blue weft to give a more subdued overall effect whereas the other has areas of a more vibrant blue weft.



Handwash gently in warm water with minimal agitation, dry naturally and press.



29cm x 72cm

Vibrant orange and blue handwoven merino cowl scarf

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