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Pastel coloured pink, purple, lilac and navy handwoven cowl scarf.  Handwoven using beautifully soft cotton yarn on a floor loom using a zig zag twill design.  This cowl scarf would be a perfect special gift for either Christmas or a birthday where the handcrafted nature of this fabric accessory would be appreciated.



Woven on a floor loomsing stipes of different pastel pinks and yellows in the warp with navy, pink, purple and lilac used in the weft.  A zig zag twill design was used to create a beautifully unique fabric.  After washing the fabric was pressed and sewn into a tube with a twist to give the classic infinity scarf design.



18cm x 72cm




Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Handwoven pink cotton infinity cowl

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