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Wrap yourself in elegance with this handwoven houndstooth scarf, featuring a beautiful balance of blue and grey shades. Warm, lightweight, and perfect for gifting.  Woven using some purple and blue handspun 2 ply merino yarn along with some grey repurposed Rowan wool.



The handspun yarn was first spun by hand using an electric e-spinner after which it was woven with the grey yarn on a rigid heddle loom.  A houndtooth pattern has been  chosen which results from the weaving of two warp and two weft rows of each yarn being woven.


Dimensions:  22cm wide by 154cm long with a 10cm twisted fringe at each end.



Blue and grey handwoven houndstooth scarf

  • Sponge wash any small stains.  Handwash very gently in warm water with minimal agitation, rinse once, dry naturally and press.  Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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