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Woven in stunning blue and shades of orange this popular colourwary of statement cowl is an instant pop of colour to an autumn, winter or spring outfit.    This cowl scarf has been handwoven using traditional weaving techniques on a floor loom usinge fine merino yarns and would be a perfect luxury gift for someone who would appreciate the handcrafted nature of this accessory.



The fabric for this cowl has been woven using a deflected doubleweave design on an 8 shaft floor loom using blue and shades of orange fine merino lambswool yarn.  The deflected doubleweave pattern has areas of long warp and weft floats and upon washing a degree of differential shrinkage occurs to create a soft edged mosaic pattern.


This listing is for four cowls:

A is an orange blue - dimensions: approximately 29cm x 72cm

B is a coral and pale blue - dimensions: approximately 24cm x 70cm

C is a Indigo and orange - dimensions: approximately 24cm x 72cm

D is a Mid blue and orange - dimensions: approximately 24cm x 70cm



Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

A statement orange and blue handwoven merino cowl scarf

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