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A striking geometric zig-zag cowl scarf.  Woven by hand using merino lambswool warp and a variegated merino sock wool yarn for the weft.  Perfect to pop on for instant warmth and style.  A unique luxury accessory which would make a beautiful special Christmas or birthday gift.



Handwoven by weaver Emma Baker on a floor loom using a deflected doubleweave design with merino lambswool warp and a merino/nylon sock wool for the weft.  The warp was a navy and white colour and the weft a variegated purple, teal and green gradational yarn which results in the cowl scarf subtly changing colour along its length.



Approximately 31cm x 72cm



Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Zig-zag merino lambswool handwoven cowl scarf

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