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An opulent and luxury accessory handwoven using merino silk and yak fibres to create a beautifully soft and drapey cowl.  Woven in harmonious muted lilac, white and blue shades it would be a stylish addition to a wardrobe. This is a unique item and is a perfect special gift for someone who would appreciate the timeless craftsmanship involved in creating this accessory.  The cowl has been sewn into a circle which means that it can be compactly folded and put in a bag and easily popped on if the chill sets in.



The fabric for this cowl was woven on a floor loom using a straight 8 design.  The warp was a super soft 75% Falkland wool and 25% silk yarn which has been handdyed in the UK.  The weft was a handdyed yarn of merino, silk and yak fibres.  The yarns together when woven make the fabric beautifully soft and drapey against the skin whilst providing a beautiful warmth and style.  After weaving the fabric was washed to full, pressed and sewn into a circle.



29cm x 73cm



Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Muted Lilac and blue handwoven merino, silk and yak fibre cowl scarf

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