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A beautifully soft and stylish cotton  infinity cowl scarf.  A perfect cowl scarf for the person who doesn't like wool against their skin but would still like a super comfy and warm scarf. This cowl is white with accents of red and green and will co-ordinate with a range of outfits thus being a super versatile accessory and can be worn under a coat or during a chilly day indoors.  


Craft:  Woven on a floor loom using 100% organic cotton warp with green and pinky brown weft shades. The weft yarns comprise 4 single strands woven together to give a beautiful coloured effect with a variety of different straight 8 weaving designs.   After finishing the fabric has been washed to soften and sewn with a very fine jersey lining into an infinity twist cowl.


Dimensions:  17cm x 76cm


Care:  Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Handwoven white, red and green organic cotton infinity cowl scarf

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