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A luxurious beautifully warm reversible statement piece shawl.  Woven using a doubleweave geometric square design with maroon and teal yarn.  The background colour is predominantly burgundy on one side and a teal shade on the other.  This is a unique shawl woven with merino lambswool which would make a perfect special gift. 


Creation:  This shawl has been woven using fine 2/17nm merino lambswool on a floor using using an 8 shaft doubleweave design.  This results in reversal of the threads from the botton to the top layer creating this unique design.  Perfect to co-ordinate with a range of colours due to the nature of the design.


Dimensions:  42cm wide by 160cm long.  There is a 1cm fray detail at each end.


Care:  Handwash gently in warm water, dry naturally and press.

Maroon and teal doubleweave lambswool shawl

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