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A unique reversible cowl scarf  woven with handdyed yarn.  This cowl has been woven on my Louet floor loom using an 8 shaft deflected doubleweave design which gives a reversible scarf which looks quite different on the reverse.  This cowl is totally unique and is a distinctive individual item which adds instant style and warmth to any outfit.


Creation: Deflected doubleweave is a weaving technique using on this occasion 4 shuttles and 4 yarns.  The yarns used were a merino/nylon (75%/25%) blend and were handdyed by Birdstreet yarn.  The yarns used were a navy, teal, rust and variegated teal with spots of rust and navy.   The weaving design uses 8 shafts of the loom and the fabric created has a lovely airy property adding to its warmth.


Dimensions:  Length is 70cm, width 33cm.


Care: This item can be washed gently by hand in warm water with minimal agitation.  It should then be dried naturally and pressed.

Handwoven reversible deflected doubleweave navy, teal and brass cowl scarf

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