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TabbyandTweed mini weaving kits

Updated: May 21

Learning to weave

Houndstooth weave

Bookmark weaving kit

Rare breed Lincoln Longwool Bookmark kit

Spring colours weaving

TabbyandTweed Montage

My husband has a CNC router and has used it to make several useful weaving tools. In February this year he made a small frame loom. A friend and fellow weaver Gill Siggers thought that these could be used to make weaving kits and from her idea we launched our TabbyandTweed Etsy Shop.

Over the last few months we have enjoyed being creative, made a number of different weaving kits and have woven more bookmarks than we would ever need personally! The first picture above shows a 9 year old weaving for the very first time – having woven her first bookmark in under two hours she then asked if she could weave another!

Using British wool is important to us as we want to use local resources where possible. Therefore, most of our kits use local British wool and some of the yarn used has been handspun by ourselves from rare breed and local fleeces. It isn’t always easy to know whether others might share your passion and interests but we are delighted that to date we have sold a number of kits and received some lovely feedback from both new and experienced weavers. Some people have enjoyed learning to weave whilst making a bookmark or coaster whilst other more experienced weavers have used our square frame looms as sampling looms before committing yarn to a larger weave.

We will be visiting Wonderwool Wales this weekend and we will have our weaving kits for sale, along with woolpickers, a larger loom and handwoven accessories. We are excited about this event and are looking forward to chatting to other yarn lovers.

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